Accept digital payments with PayLeaf

We make it easy for you to accept crypto payments in your dispensary or any other retail store. Without the risk of volatility.

Merchant Fee: 1.2% or less.

Cannabis-focused POS payments solution. Built on Solana from the team that brought you Stoned Ape Crew

For Merchants

Mobile in-store payments made easy.
Take secure payments in SOL, USDC, PUFF and more crypto tokens in your store.

Simple and secure transactions.

Your wallet - your funds.

Avoid volatility. Automatic swaps to stablecoins.

For Customers

Make easy payments with your Solana crypto wallet in selected stores.
Giving your crypto more uses than ever before





For Ambassadors

Refer businesses, help them set up PayLeaf and earn commission from every payment made through PayLeaf.
Be part of the payment revolution, one store at a time.

Commission from every store you sign up.

Up to 17% base Commission on PayLeaf Revenue.

Increase commissions with SAC NFTs.

Merchant Dashboard

All information at a glance with our merchant dashboard. Set up multiple stores, manage payments and configure products. All in one place.

More Coming soon 👀

Webshop Integrations

Anonymous Retargeting

New Tokens

And more...

We are right now in our MVP beta testing phase & only available in selected locations to make payments as smooth as butter.

When that's finished, we'll scale our solution all over the cannabis industry with the help of over 2500 community members. And let them benefit!


Payments should be cheap. We make that work.

No fees for customers.

1.2% for USDC/SOL Transaction

1% for PUFF Transaction

Become a part of the cannabis payment solution of the future.

See how a payment works

Any Questions?

Any Questions?